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Play these extra free online flash games that don't have their own area. You'll never be bored again!

Monster Master Card Game

Choose your monster card master. Use your card skills to win against your opponent. Are you up for this card challenge?

Panic in The Skyscraper

The skyscraper is going to be destroyed by the demolition team with people still in the building. Save the little people!

Dotville Deluxe

Grow your dot civilization in this deluxe version of Dotville with new instructions. Can you keep your dots happy?

Xtreme Cliff Diving

Collect coins and avoid bombs while your free falling. Are you ready for extreme cliff diving?

UFO Mania

Become a Cadet for the Galactic Security Agency with the mission to rescue all humans from the jeopardy planet, Earth.


Be prepared, deflector is a tough flash game to beat. Keep an eye out for power ups, they could be the difference between life and death.

Defend North Pole

Alarm! The naughty children are attacking the North Pole. You must protect the base, as Santa, from the bad children. Go save Christmas!

Playing Field 2

While working on your computer, you have been able to enter a parallel universe with the goal of destroying everything.

Hanging Around

Use your rope to latch on the ceiling to voyage through the cave. But beware of the spikes on the ground that will cause intense pain.

Frisbee Dog

You are an adorable fluffy little dog playing catch with Frisbees and balls in the park but be careful not to catch any grenades.


Grow your civilization of dots by building farms, mines, marketplaces, and smithies. Can you keep the dots happy?

Milk Panic

The cows ate something weird so you must save the instant milk-producing cows before they explode. Are you a fast cow milker?

Pumpkin Run

Collect as much candy possible without allowing the bats to steal any. Take out the bats and ghosts in this Halloween flash game!

Mansion Impossible

Raise your money to buy yourself the 10 million dollar mansion. Begin with small houses and work your way to more expensive houses!

Halloween Smash

In this Halloween flash game, you are aligning matching objects to collect points but be quick because you only have 3 minutes.

Deal or No Deal

Revel each case containing money, on by one, until you take a deal from the banker or continue to open cases. Play Deal or No Deal!


You must reach the teleport ring, getting through different obstacles on your way. Become the Spaceman!

Sudoku Original

Enjoy at your own leisure or put yourself under pressure and challenge your friends. Do you love sudoku?


Bestow your wrath on creatures on the earth with your almighty powers, lightning and quakes. Need more excitement?

Marvin Spectrum

Color and athletic capabilities are your key to this fast paced obstical course! do not hit the wrong color!


In the outer depths of space you a lone spaceship captain, test your reflexes and battle the oddities of the cosmos.

Pirates and Treasure

As a dishonorable pirate caption, you strike fear into other who crosses your path. Drink on power and rum...


As the chicken, you are trying to cross roads and rivers without getting hit. At the same time, eating the worms that cross your path.


Evade and Destroy creatures as you try and survive an onslaught of Hostile water faring creatures as you evolve and grow in a watery environment.


Control your ship to shoot the asteroids and spaceships. Are you the master of the classic Asteroids video game?

Flash Pac Man

Move Pac Man throughout the maze and conquer the ghosts. You can gobble the blue ghosts! Become the Pac Man Master, again!

Arcade Lines

It is align time! You must line up the game pieces before the board gets filled up. Enjoy the endless fun.


Manage the big corporation of McDonalds. Being successful is not simple at all. Do you have the smarts to make money?


Have fun playing the computer in checkers. Can you beat the computer and become the master of checkers?

Connect 4

In this classic game, connect 4 tokens before the computer or your friend does. Be the Connect 4 master!

Bee Boxing

You and your bee recruits are boxing the enemy bee hive. attack and block until you are the winner. Are you a bee boxing expert?

501 Dart

Play the 501 dart challenge, reach zero with as few darts as possible. Are you a skilled dart thrower?

Death Trip

Get paid, driving clients to their destination or go on a driving killing spree. The choice is yours!

Gods Playing Field

In heaven, you are talking to God while he was asleep you found a game on his computer named Gods Playing Field. Do you want to play?

Perfect Pizza

As the owner of a new pizza shop, you have the reputation of making the most perfect pizza in town. More perfect the pizza the more cash you earn. Be the best owner!

Monkey Cliff Diving

As a monkey divemaster, you are required to guide your hat, skinny, or average monkey to the water for survival. Begin the diving!

Lucky Clover

Can you find all the four leaf clovers in your garden before the time runs out?

Rock Smash

You are a little person using a rock to smash other little people. How many little people can you smash with a single rock?


Destroy the enemy's tank by shotting missiles and bombs. Your mission is to WIN!


Command your ships to defeat the enemy. Put your battleship skills to the test. let the battle begin...

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